Defines plugin managers that can handle the installation of plugin files into the right place. Then the end-user does not have to browse to the plugin directory to install them.


class yapsy.AutoInstallPluginManager.AutoInstallPluginManager(plugin_install_dir=None, decorated_manager=None, categories_filter=None, directories_list=None, plugin_info_ext='yapsy-plugin')

A plugin manager that also manages the installation of the plugin files into the appropriate directory.

Ctor Arguments:

plugin_install_dir The directory where new plugins to be installed will be copied.


If plugin_install_dir does not correspond to an element of the directories_list, it is appended to the later.


Return the directory where new plugins should be installed.

install(directory, plugin_info_filename)

Giving the plugin’s info file (e.g. myplugin.yapsy-plugin), and the directory where it is located, get all the files that define the plugin and copy them into the correct directory.

Return True if the installation is a success, False if it is a failure.


Giving the plugin’s zip file (e.g., check that their is a valid info file in it and correct all the plugin files into the correct directory.


Only available for python 2.6 and later.

Return True if the installation is a success, False if it is a failure.


Set the directory where to install new plugins.